Google AdSense Approval Requirements

Google AdSense

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

Google AdSense

If you operate a business website and have a desire to generate income through the utilization of Google AdSense, it is essential to meet certain approval criteria. Google AdSense is a widely recognized advertising program that empowers website proprietors to generate revenue by showcasing advertisements on their websites. To secure AdSense eligibility for your business website, it is imperative to follow a set of precise guidelines.

1. Quality Content (Original and Valuable):

The cornerstone of AdSense approval is high-quality content. Your website should provide valuable and original content that offers real value to your audience. Avoid duplicate content, plagiarized material, or thin, low-quality pages.

2. Sufficient Content:

While there’s no strict word count requirement, it’s important to have a substantial amount of content on your website. Create multiple pages or articles that cover various aspects of your business niche. A content-rich site is more likely to be approved.

3. Domain Ownership:

Ownership of the domain you’re applying for AdSense with is a requirement. Although subdomains like are acceptable, it’s advisable to have a custom domain such as, as it’s generally considered more professional.

4. Privacy Policy:

Create a privacy policy page that outlines how user data is collected, used, and protected on your website. Many online tools and generators can help you create a privacy policy tailored to your site.

5. Contact Information:

Display accurate and accessible contact information, such as an email address or a contact form, to establish trust with your audience and allow users to reach out if needed.

6. Responsive Design:

Ensure your website is mobile-responsive. With an increasing number of users accessing websites on mobile devices, a responsive design is crucial for providing a positive user experience.

7. No Copyright Violations:

Avoid using copyrighted images, text, or other content without proper authorization. All content on your site should either be original or used under the appropriate licenses.

8. Ad Placement:

Google provides precise instructions regarding the positioning of ads. Ads should be strategically placed to enhance user-friendliness and should not disrupt the overall user experience on your site.

9. Traffic Source:

While there’s no specific traffic requirement, organic traffic from legitimate sources is preferred. Avoid using paid traffic or traffic from low-quality sources, as this may raise concerns during the approval process.

10. AdSense Policies Compliance:

Review and adhere to Google’s AdSense Program Policies and AdSense Content Policies. Ensure your website’s content and behavior comply with their guidelines to avoid violations.

11. No Under Construction Pages:

Make sure your website is fully functional, with no “under construction” or empty pages. A well-established and complete website is more likely to be approved.

12. Site Speed:

Optimize your website’s loading speed. A fast-loading site not only provides a better user experience but also aligns with Google’s preferences.

13. User Engagement:

Encourage user engagement through comments, social sharing buttons, and interactive features. An engaged audience can enhance the appeal of your website to advertisers.

14. Legal Considerations:

Make sure that your business website aligns with all relevant laws and regulations, encompassing those pertaining to online advertising and data protection.

15. Patience:

After submitting your AdSense application, please remain patient during the review process. Google may require several days to a few weeks to conduct a thorough evaluation of your application.

Meeting these requirements and continuously improving your website’s content and user experience will increase your chances of AdSense approval. If your initial application is rejected, review the feedback provided by Google and make necessary improvements before reapplying. AdSense can be a valuable source of revenue for your business website when used effectively.

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